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The Academy is run on an individual progress basis which consists of an overall program similar to a “step ladder”, starting with our Children’s Department.  Advancement is not determined by years of training…it is determined by the individual’s comprehension and mastery of each program and level’s techniques.  For our Children’s Department, a list of skills from the Academy’s syllabus will be tested before the child progresses to the next level in the program.

We offer 6 graduated levels in our Children’s Department and 6 levels of Progressive Level Technique in the dance art forms (including Acro/Gymnastics):  Level 1 for the “beginner” through Level 6 for the “professional”.  The directors of the Academy determine level placement for each individual student.  On years when testing is in progress, all students must take exams in order to maintain their current level standing.  The only class that does not require testing is Hip Hop.


Above and beyond our regular classes, the Academy also presents an annual dance recital, has its own Competition Team and Performing Troupe and a Testing Achievement Program.

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