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The oldest and most noble form of dance.  Perhaps the most difficult, but the most beneficial for body placement and the best foundation for any other dance forms.


From Musical Theatre to Pop, Jazz is a highly energetic and technical art form that is truly All-American.  Our Jazz classes combine technique, stretching, strengthening, style and stamina.


Tap is a series of regulated and controlled rhythmical movements of the feet using a metal tap on the toe and heel of the shoe.  Heeled shoes are not permitted without teacher’s consent.


Acrobatic dancing is the artistic use of movement and tricks utilizing flexibility and strength.  Gymnastics is the sport of power tumbling.  Acro/Gymnastics is the combination of Acrobatics and the “floor exercise” portion of Gymnastics.

Level 2+ Open

A form of dance consisting of Jazz and Ballet, combined with expression, using contemporary or abstract styles.  (Note:  Ballet and Jazz are prerequisites to Contemporary).

Hip Hop

You’ve seen it all over the TV and in the dance clubs.  Hip Hop is an introduction to today’s hottest street moves.  DRESS CODE:  Loose fitted clothes (no leotard and tights).  Shoes must be a “gym shoe” or “hip hop shoe” that is brought in specifically for class and not worn on the streets.

Brand new for our fall 2018 season.  This class will incorporate a rotating art form schedule consisting of Hip Hop and Dance History.  Our Dance History class will be taught by Valparaiso University professor, Craig Golbesky.  We are so excited to offer this new hybrid program to our Academy for the first time!  Must be presently enrolled in another Level 2 art form of either Ballet or Jazz to participate in this class.

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